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NHS Health and Wellbeing Services in Gosforth and Jesmond

Patients at GP practices in Gosforth and Jesmond can self-refer to the expert services of our Health and Wellbeing coaches.

It is part of the additional level of services provided by our Primary Care Networks, and designed specially to help keep our patient population healthy and well.

About Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing Coaching is about giving you the support to make positive changes in your life.

Whether you want to get more active, lose weight, eat a healthier diet, or boost your overall physical or mental health, coaching can give you the information, encouragement, and plan to do it.

Our coaches offer non-medical services to support, educate, and motivate people to make positive lifestyle changes.

Over the course of a 12-week programme, our coach will work to understand what is important to you and help you achieve your goals.

They don’t prescribe weight loss treatment or other medication.

Our Coaches

We are very fortunate to have two excellent Health and Wellbeing Coaches working with our GP practices in Gosforth and Jesmond.

Alison Eastwood covers North Gosforth, which includes Brunton Park, Gosforth Memorial, Park and Regent GP practices.

Alison is employed by the Healthworks charity, and commissioned by our Primary Care Network to work with patients in North Gosforth.

We have Hannah Parks for the Jesmond Lower Gosforth practices — The Grove, Jesmond Health Partnership, and Roseworth.

Hannah has brought her expertise into Jesmond, having previously covered North Gosforth.

Alison and Hannah are both qualified health coaches and experts in nutrition. They offer support for weight management, living well with type-2 diabetes, and low-level mental health problems like anxiety.

How to get in touch

The easiest way to get in touch with Hannah or Alison is to refer yourself using the form below.

You don’t need to see a Doctor first.

Please fill in your details below, and make sure to mention which practice you are registered with so we can connect you with the right coach.

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