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Laura Larrieu

Clinical Pharmacist

I have a Masters degree in Pharmacy. I have been a registered pharmacist since 2006 and have worked in hospital pharmacy for over 10 years. I have also worked in community pharmacy and in the pharmacy manufacturing sector

What I Do

Pharmacists can provide medicines advice and support to patients and other healthcare staff.

I do personalised mediation reviews with patients in person and over the phone to ensure the medicines they take are safe, effective and suitable for them.

How I Support Patients

I hope to help patients by making sure I understand their needs and helping them get the most out of their medicines.

I can assist patients with their medicine queries and help them resolve any issues they might have.

Get in touch

Patients taking multiple medicines or those with complex or long-term health conditions will benefit from regular medication reviews, but any patient with medication concerns or queries can ask their GP practice to refer them on to a Clinical Pharmacist.

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